As a modern customer-centric utility, what we do at Energia Group underpins the quality of life and living for people across this island.

We are the power behind the homes, schools, hospitals, factories, businesses and industries. We light up streets, keep transport moving and the economy functioning.

But our work doesn't stop there, we are also committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and we align each of our businesses to ensure that we give back to society. Our Clever Steps Programme underpins our values of being: Trustworthy, Dynamic, Resourceful and Community-focused.

And in line with this our Brighter Communities Programme helps people to implement innovative and creative projects which will improve and support local communities. Since its inception in 2018, the Brighter Communities Programme has helped 16 communities across Northern Ireland and continues to impact on new communities for the better good.

An initiative like Helping Hands in the Community ensures we operate at a level of community involvement that is capable of making an impact. This particular initiative enables Energia Group employees based in Northern Ireland to obtain group support for an organisation or charity of their choice. With staff members in a position to access this scheme, our community involvement runs at a grassroots level and empowers employees to make a difference for these causes closest to their hearts. From special needs schools to fisheries and football clubs. Helping Hands in the Community has been an outright success. So for now and well into the future, Energia Group will continue to believe in, enhance and support local communities right across Ireland.


Community Benefit Funds


Via a number of community agreements and collaborations Energia Group operates several Community Benefit Funds around wind farm sites on the island.