About us


Leading the energy industry in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland, Energia Group operate in three separate areas: Renewables, Flexible Generation and Customer Solutions.
Our customers occupy the heart of our business model as we concentrate on developing smart energy solutions for innovative products and services with future staying power.
And it’s working. We are currently supplying over 800,000 homes and businesses across Ireland with competitively priced electricity and gas. We supply approximately 17% of Ireland’s total energy and 21% of Ireland’s total wind power.

RENEWABLES: A Renewable energy business comprising:

  • A generation portfolio of fully operational wholly-owned onshore wind farms totalling 309 MW across RoI and Northern Ireland.
  • Purchased electricity from long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) totalling 1,266 MW with third party renewable generators and the Group’s own wind farms throughout Ireland.

FLEXIBLE GENERATION: The operation of and purchase of electricity from conventional generation assets currently comprising:

  • 747MW of combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants in the RoI (Huntstown) capable of meeting 10% of peak energy demand in the all-Ireland market.
  • Purchased electricity from 600 MWs of conventional generation capacity at the AES Ballylumford power station in Northern Ireland.

CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS: Intelligent energy solutions for our energy supply businesses operating in the RoI and Northern Ireland.

  • Competitive electricity and gas supply to over 800, 000 customer sites in the RoI and in Northern Ireland through two retail brands, Energia and Power NI.