Castlereagh Battery Storage, Co. Down

We are constructing a battery energy storage facility on the outskirts of south Belfast

The Castlereagh battery storage facility is located near the existing substation and will utilise the local electrical infrastructure to connect to the grid.

The development will comprise up to 18 containers, each containing rechargeable battery units, together with associated development, including associated electricity substation and transformer compound, security fencing, CCTV and lightning mast. 

The equipment will be controlled remotely and access to the site will be for construction and maintenance only.

This development is close to the existing Castlereagh substation and will utilise the electrical infrastructure to connect to the grid.




Maintenance Updates

Sunday 16th January 2022:  Please be aware that our contractors will be on site.

November 2021:  Temporary lighting has been installed on site for safety reasons in view of reduced daylight hours.  The use of lighting will be monitored and only used as required during working hours.

October 2021:  Up to 10 concrete deliveries are scheduled for either Wed 13th or Thurs 14th October, depending on the weather. Drivers will access Lisnabreeny Road East via Knockbracken Road due to the NIE road closure.  
June 2021:  We will be using temporary CCTV equipment for site safety and security.  Cameras will be strategically positioned so that they do not breach privacy. The area beyond the site boundary will be masked out.
April 2021: Earth works will commence on site from 3rd May.  Deliveries will enter Lisnabreeny Road East from Lisnabreeny Road via Manse Road.



Battery Storage: How it works:

Battery storage is an important enabling technology for Northern Ireland’s energy transition.

Renewable energy is now supplying more than 40% our annual electricity needs.   Battery storage facilities like Castlereagh will help match intermittent generation from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, with the peaks and troughs of real time electricity demand. 

The facility will absorb and store electricity when a surplus is available and release it back into the system when electricity demand exceeds supply. 

If you have any questions about the Castlereagh Battery Storage facility, please contact:

  • Rosy Billingham – Energia Renewables Community Liaison Officer (CLO)
  • Email
  • Telephone 028 90 685992

Castlereagh Battery Storage Development Location Map

54.56168073501254, -5.868532442093411