Spotlight on Ciaran Moore

Meet Ciaran Moore, the dynamic addition to Power NI, who brings a refreshing enthusiasm for learning to every task!

Ciaran was a part of the 10-week special training partnership with NOW Group Academy, which focused on completing a challenging Data Analytics and Basic Coding course. After an incredible journey, Ciaran is now a Trainee Reporting Developer and has quickly become an integral part of our office family, embodying the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

But what is Ciaran’s story?

Ciaran's pathway into the world of computing began long ago, fuelled by a natural curiosity and a passion for technology. His educational background provided a solid foundation, but it wasn't until joining the NOW Group Academy that Ciaran truly found his stride. Here, he was able to put his knowledge into action and explore new horizons, including delving into the fascinating world of JavaScript.

Guided by his lifelong interest in computing and encouraged by his brother, who is already making waves as a data analyst, Ciaran found his calling within our team. What sets Ciaran apart is not just his technical expertise, but also his infectious positivity and willingness to lend a helping hand as he assists his colleagues with a smile.

Beyond the office walls, Ciaran's love for computers extends into his personal life, whether he’s diving into the latest gaming adventure, exploring new software like Unity, or simply unwinding with a favourite show. However, Ciaran enjoys nothing more than jetting off to new destinations, soaking in the sights and sounds of foreign lands.

We're thrilled to have Ciaran on board and look forward to many more exciting adventures together.

Here's to Ciaran Moore – a shining star in our midst!